Snapchat : New Insights about Generation Z [Infographic]

 Snapchat : New Insights about Generation Z [Infographic]

Snapchat : New Insights about Generation Z [Infographic]


Millennials have been the important thing demographic of focus for the previous few years, however a brand new technology is now coming into focus. – Generation Z.


“Generation Z is the largest and most diverse generation in US history, and while Gen Z teens may be young (age 13-17), they’re a hugely influential group that’s already redefining both societal norms and brand-consumer relationships.”


Certainly, Snapchat additionally notes that Generation Z already instructions $forty four billion in shopping for energy, whereas they affect a further $600 billion in how their households spend cash.

This may be where Snap holds an advantage – take a look at this new infographic of Gen Z usage stats from Snap Inc.


Snapchat New Insights about Generation Z

Like each era that’s come earlier than, Zs have their very own “slanguage” that they use on the common. If it’s tastefully carried out, advertisers can tailor messaging to enchantment to all bruhs, baes, and Gen Z-ers alike. Bear in mind to not be further — teenagers can sense inauthenticity from a mile away, and there’s nothing extra cringe-inducing than a “How do you do, fellow children?” commercial. Do you perceive, fam? Simply kidding. However actually. Wager.

Advertisers looking to reach the Generation Z have to understand that what worked in the past may not work today, so changes in creative and strategy may be in order.

Mohamed Djaziri

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