VIDEO : US man displays father’s severed head, goes on anti-woke rant

VIDEO : US man displays father’s severed head, goes on anti-woke rant

A 32-year-old man from Pennsylvania, USA, stands accused of beheading his father and sharing a disturbing video of the act on YouTube. The horrific incident reportedly occurred in their Levittown residence on Tuesday, leading to the arrest of the alleged perpetrator, Justin Mohn.

Reports from local media indicate that authorities became aware of the situation on Tuesday evening when Mohn uploaded a 14-minute video on YouTube. In the video, he showcased what he claimed to be the severed head of his 68-year-old father, Michael Mohn, wrapped in plastic. The video, which has since been taken down, featured Justin Mohn denouncing the US government, the Biden administration, and various groups he held responsible for the country’s perceived decline, including “woke mobs” and migrants. He also placed bounties on the FBI director, the Attorney General, and the Supreme Court Chief Justice.

During his impassioned tirade, Mohn urged relatives of federal employees to commit acts of violence, and he expressed delusional beliefs about being regarded as a messiah and a legitimate presidential candidate. Additionally, he vented his anger towards the LGBTQ+ community, the Black Lives Matter movement, and “tax-evading big tech companies.”

The suspect, identified as the youngest son in the family, was apprehended at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday night and subsequently moved to Middletown the following day.


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