Video : Russian Influencer Tries Bhutta For The First Time In Mumbai

 Video : Russian Influencer Tries Bhutta For The First Time In Mumbai

Watching international visitors enjoy India’s beloved street snacks can be both entertaining and heartwarming. Many bloggers document their travels through India, capturing their experiences with local delicacies and culture. Russian influencer Mariia Chugurova is one such traveler whose Instagram feed is brimming with memorable moments. Recently, Mariia shared a video on Instagram where she tried ‘Bhutta’ (roasted corn cob) for the first time in Mumbai. The video showcases a charming interaction between Mariia and the locals at the stall.

In the viral video, Mariia is seen visiting a local bhutta stall at the beach. She greets the stall owner with a friendly “Namaste Bhaiya” and inquires about the price, which the vendor quotes as Rs 40. The video captures a delightful exchange as Mariia interacts with the vendor’s sons, asking their ages and complimenting one of them on his teeth. She even humorously asks the younger son, Amin, if he could be her manager while she poses with fans near the stall.

The video was posted on Mariia Chugurova’s Instagram account, @mariechug. In the caption, Mariia describes her experience: “Bombay (Mumbai), Bhutta, and Badmoshi with Russian Kudi. Namaste dosto. Today’s reel is all about that corny goodness in India! Not gonna lie, this corn was so delish, it had me questioning my entire snacking history.” She added humorously, “Picture this: a bunch of folks chowing down on corn, and there I was, eyeing a potential manager in the making. Who knew a corn stall could be the new hotspot for talent scouting, am I right?” Mariia concluded her post by noting the universal appeal of bhutta, “Whether you’re a fan of classic buttered corn or prefer it spicy with some chaat masala, there’s a banal pleasure for everyone in this diverse culinary landscape.”

This heartwarming encounter highlights the simple joys of street food and the connections it fosters, proving that delicious experiences transcend cultural boundaries.




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