video of bridge collapse

video of bridge collapse

In the early hours of Tuesday, a significant bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, suffered a catastrophic collapse following a collision with a container ship, resulting in several vehicles plunging into the water.

The Baltimore fire department initiated a search for at least seven individuals believed to be in the water. Reports indicated that a 948-foot container ship flying the Singapore flag had collided with the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The shipping company Maersk confirmed that it had chartered the container ship in Baltimore.

Footage posted online appeared to capture the vessel striking one of the bridge’s central supports, leading to a section of the 2.6-kilometer bridge collapsing as multiple vehicles fell into the Patapsco River below. The collision caused the ship to catch fire, with thick black smoke billowing into the air as parts of the bridge collapsed onto it.

Authorities confirmed the rescue of two individuals, with one suffering severe injuries, as announced in a pre-dawn press conference.

Data from a buoy maintained by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration indicated that the temperature in the river was approximately 47 degrees Fahrenheit (8 degrees Celsius) during the early morning hours of Tuesday.

Near the bridge’s entrance, remnants of its steel frame jutted out from the water, with the on-ramp abruptly terminating where the bridge once stood.




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