video : nurul aini husband

video : nurul aini husband

A video, beginning with the words “Is Nurul Aini’s husband having an affair?”, captures a man identified as Sofian Roslan, Nurul’s property agent husband, and a woman believed to be Suria actress Fatin Amira. The footage shows them separately exiting the same Mercedes-Benz, parked in an assumed underground carpark.

The duo is then seen entering the lift lobby of Capri By Fraser China Square hotel moments apart. The video concludes with both individuals returning separately to their parked car. Shockingly, they are observed sharing a kiss on the lips after boarding the vehicle.

Following the video’s release, Sofian took to his Instagram to confess to his infidelity, opening his apology with the quote “Now I can’t go on without you, and I’m not that strong without you.” He continued, addressing his wife Nurul Aini, acknowledging their 24 years together, 16 years of marriage, and three beautiful children. Sofian expressed gratitude for Allah’s blessings and his wife’s constant reminder to cherish what they have.


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