Urooj Khan a lottery winner poisoned just weeks after claiming $600,000 prize

 Urooj Khan a lottery winner poisoned just weeks after claiming $600,000 prize

When Urooj Khan won a $1 million lottery prize in Chicago, his joy was palpable. However, the 46-year-old businessman met a tragic and suspicious end just weeks after claiming his winnings.

Winning the Lottery

In 2012, Khan purchased a winning lottery ticket from a 7-Eleven, earning him a $600,000 prize. Opting for a lump sum, he took home nearly $425,000 after taxes. Overjoyed by his fortune, Khan, originally from India, expressed his plans to invest in his dry cleaning business and donate to a children’s hospital. “Winning the lottery means everything to me,” he said.

Sudden Death

Khan’s winner’s cheque was issued on July 19, but just one day later, he died. Initially believed to be of natural causes, his death soon raised suspicions. After a concerned relative prompted an autopsy, the cause of death was determined to be cyanide poisoning.

Investigation and Findings

The Chicago Police Department launched an investigation following the autopsy. Toxicology reports confirmed the presence of cyanide, a rare and lethal poison. “It’s pretty unusual,” said Cook County Medical Examiner Stephen Cina, noting he had encountered only one or two cyanide poisoning cases out of 4,500 autopsies.

Deborah Blum, a poisons expert, explained that cyanide tastes bitter and kills by disrupting the body’s ability to transport oxygen to cells, leading to a rapid and violent death. A lethal dose can be fatal within five minutes.

Family’s Reactions and Ongoing Mystery

Khan’s wife, Shabana Ansari, recounted how he fell ill around 3 am, roughly six hours after dinner. He experienced severe distress before collapsing. “I can’t believe he’s no longer with me,” Ansari lamented, describing Khan as a “great person” with no known enemies.

Despite a decade-long investigation, no arrests have been made in connection to Khan’s death. The case remains a chilling mystery.




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