Soon, Instagram let users follow #Hashtags in addition to accounts

 Soon, Instagram let users follow #Hashtags in addition to accounts

Instagram is testing out a new feature that will allow you to follow #hashtags, which should make it easier to find the content you love.

If you want a page full of cute puppies, but can’t be bothered to search for all the cute puppies on Instagram, you can just follow the hashtag #cutepuppies in order to more easily get your daily doggy fix. This can also make it easier to find posts relating to niche topics, because rather than trying to find someone who posts about that topic, you can simply follow the topic itself.

So far the feature has only shown up briefly for one of TNW’s team members, so it appears to be a limited test for now. Instagram declined sharing more information when we reached out for comment, but experimental features often end up rolling out widely. This one seems like a particularly useful one, so I imagine it’s only a matter of time.

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Mohamed Djaziri

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