Social Media Users in the Philippines in 2024

 Social Media Users in the Philippines in 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, the Philippines has continued to play a significant role, with millions of users engaging on various platforms. Let’s delve into the numbers and demographics of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and LinkedIn users in the archipelago as of December 2024.


Facebook users in Philippines in 2024

As of December 2024, Facebook remains the reigning champion in the Philippines, boasting a staggering 97,715,800 users. This figure accounts for an impressive 83.8% of the entire population. The majority of Facebook users in the country are women, comprising 52.9% of the total user base. Among different age groups, individuals aged 18 to 24 emerge as the most active, constituting a substantial 32,800,000 users.

social media users philippines 2024 facebook

One striking trend is the gender disparity within the 18 to 24 age group, where women lead by a significant margin of 15,100,000. This indicates the platform’s popularity among the younger demographic, particularly young women who are actively engaging with content and connecting with peers.

Instagram users in Philippines in 2024

Instagram has also left its mark on the Philippines, with 22,533,300 users, accounting for 19.3% of the population. The platform sees a predominantly female user base, with women making up 62% of the total users. Once again, the age group of 18 to 24 takes the lead, comprising 10,600,000 users.

social media users philippines 2024 instagramWithin this age group, women dominate by 4,000,000, reinforcing the visual-centric nature of Instagram and its appeal to younger users. The platform’s emphasis on visual storytelling and engagement through images and videos seems to resonate strongly with the youth in the Philippines.

Messenger users in Philippines in 2024

Messenger, Facebook’s dedicated messaging app, has become an integral part of daily communication in the Philippines. With a user base of 89,904,800, it reaches an impressive 77.1% of the population. Similar to Facebook and Instagram, women constitute the majority, making up 52.3% of Messenger users. The 18 to 24 age group remains the largest, with 29,400,000 users.

social media users philippines 2024 messenger

Once again, within this age group, the gender gap is noticeable, with women leading by 13,800,000. This underscores the widespread use of Messenger for personal and social communication, especially among the younger demographic.

LinkedIn users in Philippines in 2024

LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, has carved out a niche in the Philippines, attracting 16,160,000 users, or 13.9% of the population. Unlike the other platforms, the largest user group falls within the 25 to 34 age range, comprising 8,800,000 users.

social media users philippines 2024 linkedinThis data suggests a growing interest in professional networking and career development among young adults in the Philippines. As the platform continues to evolve, it serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to establish and grow their professional connections.

In conclusion, the social media landscape in the Philippines is vibrant and diverse, with each platform catering to different interests and demographics. Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and LinkedIn collectively weave a tapestry of digital interaction, connecting millions of Filipinos in various ways and contributing to the ever-changing dynamics of online communication.


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