Sean herman nashville video

 Sean herman nashville video

Nashville police officer Sean Herman was arrested Thursday morning on two counts of felony official misconduct for participating in an OnlyFans skit while on duty.

The incident occurred on April 26, with Herman seen groping a woman in a video. Initially, it was unclear whether he was on duty, but the video clearly shows Herman in full uniform and with his squad car. Following his dismissal, Chief John Drake ordered a continued investigation, leading to Herman’s indictment. Authorities confirmed Herman was in the Madison area, which was his assigned patrol precinct, to film the video.

Scripps News Nashville revealed that Herman requested to perform the stunt. In the video, he identifies himself as “Officer Johnson” before being invited to touch the woman’s breasts. His shoulder, displaying what seems to be the Metro Nashville logo, appears briefly in the footage.

Herman’s dismissal followed shortly after the incident due to his standing “Last Chance” agreement for prior misconduct with colleagues. He had been with the department for three years before his termination.





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