scottie scheffler police video

 scottie scheffler police video

Scottie Scheffler was arrested by Louisville Metro Police on Friday morning after attempting to drive into the entrance of Valhalla Golf Club

According to ESPN reporter Jeff Darlington, who witnessed the event, Scheffler was attempting to drive around the crash site via a median. A police officer instructed Scheffler to stop, but he continued driving approximately 10 to 20 yards toward the entrance.

At one point, an officer attached himself to the side of Scheffler’s car. Scheffler stopped as he approached the entrance of Valhalla Golf Club.

After 20 to 30 seconds, Scheffler rolled down his window to speak with the officer. The officer grabbed Scheffler’s arm and pulled him out of the vehicle. The officer then reached inside to open the door, and once Scheffler was out, he was pushed against the car and handcuffed.

Darlington, who was standing at the entrance when Scheffler was detained, reported that Scheffler turned to him and asked, “Can you help?”

An officer then instructed Darlington to back away.



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