OnlyFans model flashes breasts at NYC Dublin portal

 OnlyFans model flashes breasts at NYC Dublin portal

On Sunday, amidst ongoing efforts to rectify the 24/7 livestream’s issues, an OnlyFans model added to the chaos by exposing herself at the New York-to-Dublin portal. Ava Louise, known for her substantial Instagram following, claimed responsibility for prompting organizers to halt the stream after she bared her breasts to viewers on the Irish side.

In a video she shared online, Louise humorously remarked that she believed the people of Dublin deserved to witness “two New York, homegrown potatoes.” Additional footage showed her boyfriend engaging with security personnel, who indicated the portal would be offline for an extended period to address inappropriate behavior.

The street exhibit, located in the Flatiron District, has faced disturbances since its launch, with instances of misconduct predominantly originating from Ireland. These incidents have included flashing offensive symbols and even displaying a photograph of the Twin Towers ablaze on September 11th.

Originally promoted as a means to foster global connection without verbal communication, the portal has garnered attention for all the wrong reasons. Following a report by The Post highlighting the disruptive behavior from Irish participants, the Dublin City Council announced plans to address the issue of incivility.

Organizers attributed the shutdown to a temporary software glitch, though it remains uncertain whether this malfunction was directly linked to the provocative actions of the adult entertainer.

Despite the setback, the Portals Organization, responsible for the installation, stated that the portal was back online following a brief interruption due to technical issues.


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