matheus mazzafera video show

 matheus mazzafera video show

Maya Massafera A Jornada de Matheus Mazzafera para a Autenticidade

Matheus Mazzafera, who recently underwent a gender transition, emerged on social media as Maya Massafera. Embracing her transformation with a different name spelling, the influencer posted a series of photos that left her followers speechless. “Un-believable!” commented Álvaro, a friend of hers.

Other netizens also reacted and praised her: “Welcome, gorgeous,” “Ah, such a beauty!” “Stunning,” “Absolutely beautiful,” “Come slay!” “Wow, what a goddess,” “Welcome VERY much! May your life be filled with joy!” “My God, unrecognizable! So beautiful!” and “Arriving in style! Loved it.”

On April 15, during the feminization process, the influencer addressed the buzz the web was making after the news of her gender change. On Instagram Stories, Ma Mazzafera, as she was titled on social media before the change, stated that she was surviving and needed to take some time to take care of herself.


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