martin neumaier video

 martin neumaier video

A candidate from the ruling German FDP party has been embroiled in a major scandal after videos were leaked showing him engaging in explicit and shocking sexual acts.

Martin Neumaier, a candidate for the ruling German FDP party in the city of Aalen, found himself at the center of a major scandal following the leak of videos depicting him engaging in explicit and shocking sexual acts. The videos, which were widely circulated on social media, show Neumaier masturbating with a dildo while singing the German national anthem, “Deutschland, Deutschland, über alles!”

This video sparked outrage among FDP members, as the phrase “Deutschland, Deutschland, über alles!” is considered pro-Nazi due to its use during the Nazi era. In another video, Neumaier is seen placing the dildo on a Quran and making offensive comments about one of the wives of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. This video was removed by the social media platform “X” for violating platform rules.

The most disturbing videos show Neumaier engaging in degrading sexual acts while referencing Nazi figures. In one video, he salutes “Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels,” while in another, he appears to smear feces under his nose and comments, “I have a Hitler-esque beard made of shit.” These video sequences were also removed by “X”.


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