Maeva ghennam video operation

 Maeva ghennam video operation

Maeva Ghennam, known for her spontaneity, recently made an online blunder that left her deeply upset. This incident follows a surgical procedure she underwent.

Maeva Ghennam, the reality TV starlet, is recognized for her candidness and constant presence on social media. She frequently shares details of her life with her community, but this time, she inadvertently posted a very personal video, which profoundly affected her. Recently, Maeva made headlines due to revelations about a personal betrayal and her escapades during a vote in Marseille. She is also at the center of discussions regarding her closeness to a mysterious man, fueling rumors of a new romance.

Beyond these aspects of her personal life, Maeva Ghennam is also known for her numerous cosmetic surgeries. Having altered her appearance since her debut on ‘Les Marseillais’, she recently decided to reverse some of these body modifications.

Earlier this year, she shared with her fans her desire to correct elements of her physique that made her self-conscious, such as her freckles, eyebrow tattoos, and hips she considered too voluminous. Surgical procedures were necessary for these corrections.

However, following an operation aimed at reducing her hips, Maeva accidentally posted a video of herself, unclothed, on social media. This video, intended to remain private, was meant to allow her to see the results of the intervention. The inadvertent sharing of this video caused Maeva significant distress, prompting her to quickly apologize while expressing her shame and frustration.

Despite this incident, it appears that Maeva’s operation was a success. It will take some time for her skin to readjust and for her to fully appreciate the changes. Hopefully, this positive outcome will help her overcome her recent mishap.


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