LinkedIn users can now play Puzzle Games In-Stream

LinkedIn users can now play Puzzle Games In-Stream

LinkedIn has officially announced its endeavor towards integrating an in-app gaming feature, allowing users to engage in puzzle games within the platform. Participants can compete with their peers, and their scores will contribute to their company’s overall performance, enhancing corporate competitiveness.

As evidenced by a demonstration from app researcher Nima Owji, LinkedIn is actively developing a gaming platform within its interface, complete with features like achievements, streaks, and rankings. The initial lineup includes three games: “Queens,” “Crossclimb,” and “Inference.” Notably, the user interface will display the participation of one’s connections and the company’s ranking, serving as an incentive for user engagement.

These puzzle games, while straightforward, also serve as a means for businesses to showcase their intellectual prowess. It’s foreseeable that some brands will leverage their LinkedIn gaming rankings to bolster their reputation among clients.

LinkedIn confirmed this initiative to TechCrunch, highlighting its aim to inject fun into the platform, strengthen relationships, and stimulate conversations through puzzle-based games.

While LinkedIn hasn’t disclosed details regarding public testing, the project appears to be nearing completion, judging by the advanced state of the user interface.

The introduction of gaming on LinkedIn may seem unconventional and geared towards prolonging user engagement, yet it’s likely to yield positive results. Many users will likely be drawn to these puzzle games, fostering a sense of loyalty among employees who feel compelled to participate in company-related activities.

The specifics of how rankings will be determined remain unclear. For instance, will a business with only one registered employee have their score reflect the individual’s performance alone, or will it be adjusted based on the company’s size?

Nevertheless, experimenting with gaming aligns with LinkedIn’s strategy to enhance user engagement, even if it deviates slightly from its primary mission of connecting professionals with economic opportunities.

In essence, while the addition of gaming may seem incongruent with LinkedIn’s core objectives, the anticipated increase in engagement levels suggests a strategic move towards sustaining user interest and activity on the platform.


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