LinkedIn inspired new video feed from TikTok

LinkedIn inspired new video feed from TikTok

In a move reminiscent of YouTube’s Shorts, Instagram’s Reels, or Snapchat’s Spotlight, LinkedIn is set to experiment with a video feed drawing inspiration from TikTok, as confirmed by the platform to TechCrunch. Currently undergoing testing with a select group of users, this fresh channel was spotted by Austin Null, a strategic director at an American influencer marketing agency.

The Teaser: A Glimpse into LinkedIn’s Video Vertical

As revealed in a preview shared on his LinkedIn profile, this vertical feed, aptly named “Video,” is poised to be integrated into the navigation bar and operate similarly to TikTok’s interface. Users will have the ability to scroll, share, like, or comment on content featured in the feed, likely encompassing topics pertinent to the professional world or personal development to align with the platform’s implicit norms. LinkedIn has yet to divulge specifics regarding the algorithm’s functioning or content selection criteria. Moreover, no rollout date has been disclosed, with the social network merely indicating that the feature is in a “preliminary testing phase.” The potential for monetization of such content remains uncertain.


LinkedIn’s Evolution: Pioneering Change with Video

Amidst a flurry of feature additions and algorithm tweaks, LinkedIn appears poised to pivot with the imminent integration of this video feed. Expected to spotlight “evergreen” content as advocated by two platform executives on Entrepreneur’s Problem Solvers podcast.

The Numbers Game: Video’s Ascendance on LinkedIn

In discussions with TechCrunch, LinkedIn underscored users’ growing affinity for video content—a trend substantiated by metrics. According to Metricool’s latest LinkedIn study, video content garners an average “high comment rate, akin to carousel or image formats,” although engagement rates are marginally superior to purely text-based posts. Users have shown a penchant for short videos, with average viewing durations ranging between 13 to 15 seconds on LinkedIn.

The Future Outlook: Setting a New Standard for Video Content

The question looms: Will these content offerings carve a distinctive niche on LinkedIn or usher in an era of recycled and repurposed assets across platforms? Only time will tell.


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