Jaipur fake jewellery video

 Jaipur fake jewellery video

US Woman Duped into Buying Fake Jewelry Worth Rs 300 for Rs 6 Crore in Jaipur, Returns to India to File Complaint

In a startling incident, a US woman was swindled into purchasing artificial jewelry worth Rs 300 for an exorbitant Rs 6 crore by a shop owner in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The accused shopkeeper and his son are currently on the run, while police have made one arrest in connection with the case.

Details of the Incident

The victim, identified as Cherish, reported that she bought the jewelry from a shop in Johri Bazaar, located in the Manak Chowk police station area of Jaipur. After making the purchase, Cherish returned to the United States. During an exhibition held in April, she displayed the jewelry, only to discover that it was fake.

Cherish’s Immediate Action

Upon learning the truth, Cherish swiftly returned to Jaipur. She confronted the shop owner, Rajendra Soni, and his son, Gaurav, who vehemently denied the accusations and refused to address her concerns. Left with no choice, Cherish lodged a complaint with the Manak Chowk police station on May 18. In a counter-move, the shop owners filed a case against Cherish, accusing her of spreading false information and tarnishing their reputation.

Embassy Intervention and Police Investigation

Desperate for justice, Cherish sought help from the US embassy. Their intervention prompted the local police to launch a thorough investigation. The inquiry uncovered fraudulent activities by the shopkeepers, causing them to flee. Police managed to arrest Nand Kishore, who had fabricated a fake authenticity certificate for the jewelry.

Official Statement and Ongoing Investigation

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (North), Bajrang Singh Shekhawat, stated that the accused sold gold-polished silver jewelry to Cherish for Rs 6 crore, deceiving her with a counterfeit certificate. A special police team has been assembled to track down the absconding shopkeeper and his son. The investigation is currently underway.

This shocking incident underscores the importance of verifying the authenticity of high-value purchases and serves as a cautionary tale for consumers worldwide. The authorities are committed to bringing the perpetrators to justice and ensuring such fraudulent practices are curbed.

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