20 Instagram statistics every digital marketer should know about for 2018

 20 Instagram statistics every digital marketer should know about for 2018

Here are the latest Instagram statictics from 2017. Use these stats to inform your 2018 social media strategy and see how marketers are looking to expand their brands reach with Instagram.


1. 70% of Instagram posts don’t get seen (Sprout social, 2017)

Before the Instagram algorithm update posts were ordered by featuring the newest posts at the top of your feed. Instead, the change brings about an algorithm-driven feed, which is now ordered by what you are most interested in. Brands, in particular, became concerned that their content might no longer be seen.

2. Instagram has 800 Million users overall (Instagram statistics, 2017)

Instagram has doubled its user base, to 800 million monthly actives in two years, fueled by new features such as stories, shoppable photos, explore pages and many more new features.

3. 70.7% of US businesses are using Instagram in 2017 (Sprout social, 2017)

Brands are more active and prominent on Instagram than ever. Currently, there are more than 1 million brands sharing and promoting their products and stories on the social network.

4. Beyonce holds the record for the most liked Instagram with her pregnancy announcement which garnered almost 11 million likes (Instagram, 2017)

5. 25% of Instagram ads are single videos (Sprout social, 2017)

While photos ads are the most common on Instagram, video has gained a lot of traction. In fact, 25% of Instagram ads are single videos. Video ads are most effective at getting higher engagement rates but tend to cost a bit more than photo ads.

6. There are 2 Million monthly advertisers on Instagram (Instagram, 2017)

7. 7 out of 10 hashtags on Instagram are branded (Sprout social, 2017)

8. Time spent watching video on Instagram is up more than 80% year over year (Instagram, 2017)

9. 59% of Instagram users are 18 to 29 year old  (Smart Insights, 2017)


10. Instagram Stories Has More Than 250 Million Active Daily Users (Sprout social, 2017)

 11. 80% of users follow 1 or more brands on Instagram (Instagram, 2017)

12. Posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement (Hootsuite, 2017)

13. The best time to post on Instagram for the most engagement is at 2am or 5pm on Mondays or Thursdays (CoSchedule, 2017)

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14. A recent study suggested that it is far more effective to keep your hashtag count to less than 10 hashtags per post (Smart Insights, 2017)

15. Posts with a location get 79% more engagement (Sprout social, 2017)

16. 75% of Instagram users take action, such as visiting a website, after looking at an Instagram advertising post (Hootsuite, 2017)

17. 48% of all US brands used Instagram to market their business, brand or product (Instasurge, 2017)

18. It has been predicted Instagram will top 100 million US users by 2018 (eMarketer, 2017)

19. 35% Of Instagram’s 700 million users are creating and viewing videos via Stories (Mediakix, 2017)

20. 2x as many Instagram Stories are posted by brands than Snapchat Stories  (Mediakix, 2017)

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Instagram can be a powerful platform if used right, so it’s important to keep on top of the latest trends and features.

What are the most interesting Instagram stats you’ve found?


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