Google Year in Search 2017 [ Infographic ]

 Google Year in Search 2017 [ Infographic ]

Explore the searches that shaped 2017, from Google Trends. #yearinsearch.

?It doesn’t matter what you believe in, or where you’re from, 2017 was a tough year, and for better or worse, Google was there quietly observing it all in the background.

?Last week↩, the giant Google released its annual Year In Search data, alongside a two-minute video summarizing the most popular searches conducted around the world over the last year.

?”How”? is the theme of Google 2017 Year in Search video, the search giant’s annual breakdown of the year’s search trends. It’s a video that celebrates humanity’s constant need to question, to discover, and to help ?

The infographic below outlines the latest search trends – an interesting overview of the year that was, and the topics that captured our collective interest.

Google Year in Search 2017 [ Infographic ]

Mohamed Djaziri

Digital Marketer - Community Manager - 2D/3D Designer - Video Editor

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