Genius parking lot feature at shopping center has people saying it should be introduced everywhere

 Genius parking lot feature at shopping center has people saying it should be introduced everywhere


Parking can be a nerve-wracking part of driving, especially when it involves tight spaces or parallel parking. However, a unique feature at an Australian shopping center’s parking lot is making waves on social media for its driver-friendly design.

Located at the Glebe Hill shopping center in Tasmania, this parking lot has introduced a simple yet effective innovation: rectangular boxes between each parking space. Unlike traditional lots that use a single white line to separate spaces, these boxes create a larger gap between cars, making it easier to maneuver and exit vehicles without the usual stress.

Increased Space for Easier Parking

This design not only simplifies the process of parking but also reduces the anxiety drivers feel when reversing into a spot, especially with a line of impatient cars behind them. The extra space between cars means drivers don’t have to squeeze out of their vehicles, reducing the risk of dings and scratches. While this might mean fewer cars can fit into the lot, the benefits for drivers are clear.

Positive Feedback from Users

The innovative parking lot has garnered positive reactions on social media. A satisfied customer shared pictures on the Tasmania Parking Fails Facebook group, praising the design. “All car parks should adopt this method for line markings,” they wrote, adding, “It gives you a level of confidence when parking here that it is fairly unlikely that you will get a ding in your door whilst shopping.”

The post highlights how the double lines create more accurate parking and significantly reduce the chances of car damage. “Supermarket car parks are renowned for a high degree of car damage but not so here,” the user noted.

Social Media Reactions

The feedback on social media has been overwhelmingly positive, with users describing the feature as ‘genius’ and ‘such a great idea.’ One user who experienced the car park firsthand called it an ‘absolutely elite parking experience.’

Enhanced Safety and Convenience

While no parking lot can entirely eliminate the risk of collisions, the added space between cars in this design undoubtedly makes accidents less likely. This thoughtful approach to parking lot design shows how a simple change can make a significant difference in driver experience and vehicle safety.

The Glebe Hill shopping center’s innovative parking solution demonstrates a practical improvement that many hope will become a standard practice in parking lots worldwide.




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