Dragon boat festival near me

 Dragon boat festival near me

Salford City Council has joyfully announced the much-anticipated return of the Dragon Boat Festival to Salford Quays. This cherished event, which has been a staple since its inception in 2012, is expected to draw thousands of spectators. Both seasoned and novice teams are preparing to compete in elaborately decorated boats in the waters outside the iconic Lowry Theatre.

The Dragon Boat Festival, with a history stretching back about 2,000 years, is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month in the Chinese calendar, usually occurring in May or June. Salford Mayor Paul Dennett expressed his excitement for the festival, calling it “a great spectacle” and emphasizing its historical and cultural importance as a long-standing Chinese sporting tradition.

Dr. Hanxin Yang highlighted the sport’s power to unite people from various backgrounds, underlining its significance in connecting diverse communities. With a Chinese presence in Greater Manchester dating back to the 19th century, the festival provides a valuable opportunity to engage with the local Chinese community.

Dr. Hanxin Yang, Chairman of Manchester’s Xinhua Chinese Association, elaborated on the sport’s rich history, which has endured for millennia and continues to build camaraderie among participants. Neil Pickles, chair of the British Dragon Boat Association, discussed the sport’s evolution, noting the shift from traditional hardwood boats to modern fiberglass vessels adorned with intricate Chinese dragon designs.

This weekend’s event, coinciding with the Year of the Dragon—a symbol of good fortune—promises a memorable celebration of tradition and teamwork. Both participants and spectators are set to enjoy the vibrant festivities at the Dragon Boat Festival in Salford Quays.






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