10 Best Christmas Movies You Must See On Netflix In 2022

 10 Best Christmas Movies You Must See On Netflix In 2022

From the Grinch to Klaus or A Very Murray Christmas, Netflix offers a multitude of films that smell of the Christmas spirit. GQ therefore offers you the 10 best available on the platform.

It’s time for…Christmas movies. On Netflix, all the signals are green to snuggle up comfortably under the duvet and gently land in front of a film that smells of the good magic of the decorated tree. However, the very good joke of Netflix offering movies in its search bar that it does not have, does not make things easier. GQ has therefore taken the problem head on and offers you a Top 10 Christmas movies really available on the streaming platform. Of course, to be consumed without moderation at the end of 2022.

The Express Pole by Robert Zemeckis (1h40)

An American animated film released in 2004, it adapts a children’s story whose hero, a little boy voiced by Tom Hanks, begins to doubt the existence of Santa Claus one December evening. This same night will then mark the appearance of a mysterious train in front of the boy’s house. Filled with curiosity, but not without concern, the latter will then decide to board the Pole Express in the direction of the North Pole. Accompanied by other children, he will then discover the extent of his gifts as the train approaches its destination. Here, the journey is just as important as the destination.

The Grinch by Ron Howard (1h44)

Released in 2000, The Grinch tells the story of the eponymous villain or anti-hero played by Jim Carrey. Vowing a pronounced disgust for outpourings of joy and happiness in general, the latter hates the Christmas period and especially the one celebrated by the inhabitants of Chouville, the town below his mountain. Deciding to fully fulfill his role of comic bogeyman, the hermit will then decide to leave his lair in order to spoil the festive Christmas that is preparing. However, Cindy Lou, a little girl from the village, will very quickly find herself on her way to remind her that loneliness is never eternal and that Christmas is not just about gifts and songs.

The Five Legends of Peter Ramsey (1h39)

A animated film is good, 2 is better. A sort of animated Avengers, The Five Legends brings together the legends of childhood, namely Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy (the equivalent of the Little Mouse in France), the Sandman and the Easter Bunny. (in France we speak of Bells). This quartet faces the Croque-mitaine, or Pitch in the film, who tries by all means to reinforce the fear he inspires in children. In order to win a battle that seems lost in advance, the alliance of legends will have to call on a fifth hero in the person of Jack Frost. Allegory of winter and biting cold, the young boy is dubbed in French by the late Gaspard Ulliel.

Klaus by Sergio Pablo (1h38)

Never two without three, right? Although unveiled by Netflix in 2019, Klaus quickly established itself as a staple of Netflix Christmas movies, and with good reason. Jesper, by far the worst element of the postal school, is sent to the frozen village of Smeerensburg where he will have the difficult task of reviving the postal service. In the middle of a struggle between two families, not recalling the story of Romeo and Juliet, the young postman will meet Ava but especially Klaus, an imposing and mysterious carpenter who lives alone surrounded by toys. A wonderful Christmas tale that breaks the ice by highlighting mutual aid and generosity.



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